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New release: The Making of Medieval History. Edited by Graham A. Loud and Martial Staub

18. April 2017


York: York Medieval Press 2017

A hugely interesting set of essays, reflecting on a variety of ways in which medieval history has developed to the present time. Scholarship of the highest standard, deeply thought-provoking and deeply engaged with the inheritances and future tasks of medieval academic history. The collection will be essential reading for all medievalists. (John Arnold, Professor of Medieval History, University of Cambridge)

The essays in this volume provide original insights into the fabric and dissemination of medieval history as a scholarly discipline from the late eighteenth century onwards. The case-studies range from the creation of specific images of the Middle Ages to the ways in which medievalists have dealt with European identity, contributed to making and deconstructing myths and, more specifically, addressed questions relating to land and frontiers as well as to religion. (publisher)

With contributions by Christine Caldwell Ames, Peter Biller, Michael Borgolte, Patrick Geary, Richard Hitchcock, Bernhard Jussen, Joep Leerssen, G.A. Loud, Christian Lübke, Jinty Nelson, Bastian Schlüter, Martial Staub, Ian Wood.

Martial Staub is Professor of Medieval History at the University of Sheffield. At present, he is fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study Konstanz where he is conducting research on ”The Global Citizen, c.1200–c.1600.“

Graham A. Loud is Professor of Medieval History at the University of Leeds.

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