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Post-doctoral Fellowships in the Humanities at Universities and Research Institutes in the U.S., Canada and Germany

6. February 2018

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The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Volkswagen Foundation make annual awards of postdoc fellowships in the humanities at German universities and research institutes.

American postdocs can apply who wish to do research at one of the twelve partner and guests institutions in Germany participating in the program, e.g. the Institute for Advanced Study Konstanz.

The call for a fellowship in the USA or Canada addresses promising scholars from the Humanities in their postdoctoral research phase currently based at academic institutions in Germany (via employment).

The fellowships are awarded for between nine and twelve months.

The deadline for the recent call is 4 September 2018 (fellowships in the U.S./Canada) resp. 11 September 2018 (fellowships in Germany).

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