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Domestic Elites and Opinion

5. September 2012


The Neglected Dimension of Externally Induced Democratization

International Conference

Roundtable Discussion

(open to the public)

Domestic Elites and Public Opinion - Neglected Dimensions in Post-Conflict Democratization


  • Prof.John Higley (University of Texas)
  • Prof. Susan Woodward (City University of New York)
  • Dr. Jörn Grävingholt (German Development Institute, Bonn)
  • Manfred Öhm (Friedrich Ebert Foundation)
  • Chair: Dr. Sonja Grimm (University of Konstanz)

Wed, 5 September 2012, 6–8pm
University of Konstanz, Room A 703


(invited guests and registered participants only)

  1. Assessing Elites and Domestic Opinion
  2. Learning from Historical Examples
  3. Elites and Public Opinion in South East European Transitions
  4. Elites and Public Opinion in South East European Transitions – Science and Politics in Dialogue
  5. Elites and Public Opinion in Latin American Transitions
  6. Elites and Public Opinion in Sub-Sahara African Transitions
  7. Assessing Public Opinion and the Media in Post-conflict Societies

Thu–Fri, 6–7 September 2012
University of Konstanz, Room V 1001 Senatssaal

Contact and conference registration

Dr. Sonja Grimm, Dr. Britta Weiffen, Dr. Sabina Ferhadbegović

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