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  • [Translate to English:] Plakat

    The Politics of Masculinity

    Workshop in Pretoria, South Afrika
    in collaboration with the University of Pretoria
    Organisation: Franziska Duarte dos Santos

  • 16. November 2018

    Selective Internationality?

    Baseline Study and Counteractive Measure
    Expert Workshop organized by Zukunftskolleg and International Office

  • 22. November 2018

    Contested Memories in the City

    Monuments, Archives, Traces
    Workshop in cooperation with the Balzan Research Project
    Organisation: Dr. Sarah Dornhof, Dr. Ulrike Capdepón, Dr. Piotr Kisiel

  • 24. November 2018

    Memory in the City: Migration Monuments

    Aleida Assmann
    Public Keynote Speech at the workshop "Contested Memories in the City"

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Press Releases

  • Group of game pieces

    28. September 2018

    Ensuring cohesion in a society that is drifting apart

    Federal Ministry of Education and Research to support cultural studies research initiative at the University of Konstanz. Press Release

  • Judith Beyer, Thomas G. Kirsch

    9. October 2017

    Bridging Research and Activism

    Comparative approach and new methods: German Research Foundation (DFG) to grant research project on “Activist becomings in South Africa and Myanmar“ initiated by Judith Beyer and Thomas Kirsch. The researchers expect insights into practices of democratic participation.

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